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In 1976 Mr. Ronnie Picou purchased a donut shop from the legendary Al Copeland in the small bayou town of Houma Louisiana. It was here where Mr. Ronnie himself became known by the town residents as The Donut Man. Over the next eight years, Mr. Ronnie worked tirelessly to perfect the donut making process he uses today.

By 1984, Mr. Ronnie’s passion for creating ONLY THE BEST donuts combined with a lack of cooperation from his superiors within the company he was involved with forced Mr. Ronnie to exit the donut business. Over the next ten years wherever Mr. Ronnie went in town, people would always tell him how much they missed the product he produced and his friendly nature with all his customers.

Finally in 1994, after many calls from the general public, The Donut Man reentered the donut business. The concept behind Mr. Ronnie’s idea was to provide continuous service twenty-four hours a day, seven days-a-week. The new business did not disappoint.

Mr. Ronnie’s previous experience had taught him two very important lessons. One, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, and Two, PROVIDE ONLY THE BEST PRODUCT to keep them coming back. Mr. Ronnie’s formula was simple, and from that formula was born Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts.

Today Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts is considered one of Southeast Louisiana’s best kept secrets. With fans from all over the United States and extending globally to Australia and France, this small donut shop has solidified itself as a one-of-a-kind donut experience. As for The Donut Man, he is now beloved by many for his signature HOT GLAZED DONUTS served FRESH at all times. Along with His other 40+ creations, including their own version of the Famous MARDI GRAS KING CAKE, Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts is soaring to new levels of popularity.